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A Visual Artist, Graphic Designer,Painter,Sculptor,Poet,Illustrator...a superb Iconographer of our Subconsious angels & demons 

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AM:How long have you been in Visual Art?
Well, I was studied at Art School for fine art in the years 2011, so I can say that was eight years ago.

AM:Art: what does it mean for you?
Art is a rhythm. So, when you dive deep in you will fly high.

AM:What powers of yourself you express through painting and what with Graphic Design?
May I say my powers are feeling and caring. I not trying to be a good but thankful for the rules of nature as a grateful human being. Yes, we are the king of this land, but who gave us that?
When it will be taken out back? Are we ready for it?

AM:Who is the Artist or Personality that impact more your ideas?
The ideas of my arts are coming from many different ways, fine art, design, music, poetry, and book.
So I can say no one really impacts me. Just feeling and caring about my world. 

AM:Share with me a few words about Blasphemy Ground.
Well, Blasphemy Ground is my studio name actually. Here, in my country, if your art is not appropriate with the culture (east) the people will judge you as a blasphemy boy!
You know what I mean... LoL
So, here I am, working on blasphemy ground! 

AM:Your Iconography is a tribute to dark subconscious forms of a Sinful/Hellish Religiosity. Why are you inspired by this?
The Demit is a name for The Demon in Javanese, it is a manifestation from the unknown to be known. 
I am really not agree if there is any mistake in what people do they always blame it on Demit (demon).
So through my words and illustrations I wanna ask people to think again and ask for ourselve that
everything we do has consequenses and all about it came from us. Not the others. We are our own demon.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
I currently prepare for The Demit first exhibition. And for the future, I wanna go around the world, meet a lot of people to recognize The Demit.
The other Self, a reflection. Our own demon!

AM: Thanks you so much man,keep on fight for your Art  !







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